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Cerberus PRO

An Intelligent Fire Protection System

Cerberus PRO is an excellent fire protection system for a variety of applications.This industry leading system ensures maximum safety and optimal protection of people and assets, business security and processes. 

The fire protection system Cerberus PRO includes:

  • Fire control panels – with intelligent technology for powerful protection
  • Fire detectors – that ensure fast, reliable detection with patented technology
  • Peripheral devices – for comprehensive fire safety

A Comprehensive Fire Protection System – Cerberus PRO

Complete Fire Protection System

Cerberus™ PRO is an intelligent fire protection system that covers a variety of applications. The comprehensive portfolio includes:

  • Fire detectors with excellent reliability that prevent false alarms and meet the requirements of the fire safety and carbon monoxide codes NFPA 72 and NFPA 720
  • Control panels, fire terminals, remote terminals, and displays that are easy to operate
  • Range of peripheral devices, from notification devices to manual alarm stations 

Unique Detector Technology

With its unique detector technology, Cerberus PRO takes reliable detection, fast notification, and quick response to a higher level:

  • Redundant sensors increase the reliability of the detectors
  • Forward /backward light scattering technology ensures enhanced sensitivity to actual fires
  • Detectors with ASAtechnology™ ensure fast, reliable detection even in demanding environments

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Benefits at a Glance

  • A fire alarm system that is custom-built according to your safety and budget needs
  • Quick, reliable detection of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide
  • Simple panel operation with easy access to all functions
  • Solutions for a variety of applications
  • Enhanced detection technology making detectors virtually immune to false alarms
  • Fire alarm system is flexible and can be adapted to meet changing needs or building conditions
  • Supported by Siemens’ 160 years of experience in fire safety

Typical Application Areas for Cerberus PRO

Cerberus™ PRO is the ideal fire protection system for a variety of applications – from small to larger, from clean to dirty:

  • Offices, conference rooms, multi-purpose halls

  • Hotel rooms

  • Data centers and IT equipment

  • Telecommunication facilities

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

  • Restaurants and small commercial kitchens

  • Auto repair shops and parking garages

  • Industrial production facilities and warehouses

  • Power generation facilities

Mid-Sized Office

Server Room